The CBD world can be hard to navigate and trust. I’m so grateful to know that what I am putting in my body is pure and organic. Thank you Remedy for creating a product that helps me relax, sleep better, or even heal a sunburn! This product has changed my quality of life, I will forever be thankful!
— Ryan Nickulas - ArtBeauty Podcast
Remedy is an amazing product. I have tried many CBD’s in the last couple years, and can never find that “feeling” I am looking for. I have been using Remedy in the morning to help me settle my busy mind. I have been able to create a home practice of yoga and mindfulness to begin my day. Something I have been challenged with for years. There is a peaceful calmness, linked with productivity that I get with my “Remedy “ in the morning. I am a fan and feel blessed to have this a part of my life.
— Elizabeth Boedecker
I’ve tried so many CBD products, and this is the ONLY one where I felt an immediate relief. It’s in a stunning bottle, so I love to put it on display in my home, and I love how I can send in my aluminum can that I can refill the product with. This is the future and REMEDY is on it!
— Alexa Gray, Founder of Alexa Gray and Co.